Spend Matters comment on CIPS / ISM tie-up

by Peter Smith on April 15, 2010

As usual, my friend Jason at Spend Matters is far more eloquent than me about issues, and he has written a very intersting piece about the CIPS / ISM tie-up that I blogged about earlier this week.

I spoke to Jason about this and he is good enough to accept that the CIPS qualification is gaining significant traction in countries such as China.  But then he  spoils it all by saying;

“Perhaps this international support and recognition might lend some credence to CIPS having a more appropriate global training program relative to ISM — or it could just be a continuation of the British export of supply chain bureaucracy and imperialism going back over five centuries …”

Bureaucracy??  Jason, please substantiate that claim.  In triplicate if you don’t mind.

I think he should withdraw that scurrilous remark or we may have to throw a boat load of Budweiser into Poole harbour…

He also introduces a term I have never heard before,

“Let’s just hope this initial certification partnership amounts to more than a credentializing Barney deal“.

I’ll leave you to look it up.

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